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PacketController Copyright Notification

Opteq Systems International (OSI) has been notified of a company operating out of Hong Kong from a web site named packetcontroller.com that has a product offering comparable to Opteq’s own product.

OSI has investigated this product and is of the view that it has compromised our Intellectual Property rights and Copyrights. Furthermore it is such a close copy, including but not limited to documentation, screens, icons, and appearance, that it appears impossible to have been a redevelopment and that some illegal activity may have taken place.

ISP and managed service office client provisioning

Ideal for all ISP and managed service office client provisioning scenarios’   - a steal starting at £800.00

The Opteq subscriber manager is an easy to use front end to the already popular and features rich Opteq bandwidth manager. It allows one to provision new customers by automatically generating the rules required in the backend.

Subscriber iQ Case Study

The Bentley Walker deployment of Subscriber iQ has been turned into a case study, available for download here.

Bentley Walker Ltd. provide a wide range of satellite broadband services catering for all types of applications from high-end Military, Enterprise, ISP and SME to Internet cafes and home users.

"We looked at the so-called market leaders, before selecting Opteq. We found Opteq easy to use and a breath of fresh air to work with” said Mr. Anthony Walker.

Application Acceleration

Application Delivery Guaranteed

Opteq accelerates all applications including CIFS (windows file sharing), MAPI (Microsoft Exchange), SQL, FTP, Print, and HTTP (including SharePoint). This application-specific acceleration reduces the impact of latency and chatty protocols, while also decreasing response times for end-users. The end result is LAN-like application performance over the WAN.

Opteq’s patent-pending host pacing technology dramatically improves wide-area network (WAN) performance from a central location.

Citrix Optimisation

Optimisation of Citrix ICA with Opteq appliances.

The centralisation of applications and access using thin clients enhances manageability and security. However, while desktop virtualisation usually has little or no impact on the end-user experience when the thin client and server communicate over a LAN, it can come at the cost of reduced user experience when running over the wide area network (WAN), in particular in high-latency environments.

Opteq VS Cisco WAAS

We are sometimes asked how we position ourselves against Cisco WAAS. (Both by resellers and end users) We thought we would use this opportunity to summarise.

Cisco WAAS is focused entirely on the enterprise market whereas Opteq is equally suited to both enterprise and ISP environments.

High End Caching Appliances

The newly released Opteq V3 X24 and X72-X78 ranges are specialised for high end caching requirements. This product specifically addresses escalating international and mobile backhaul bandwidth consumption and is targeted at service providers in regions of the world where bandwidth is expensive and limited. Using advanced caching technology, this new appliance helps scale service delivery to meet the burgeoning subscriber demand for online video, large file downloads and other Web 2.0 rich media content while improving subscriber experience.

Opteq iQ uniquely empowers ISP’s

Hi All,

Opteq is proud to announce the availability of its next-generation V3 platforms

Opteq today is proud to announce the availability of its next-generation V3 platforms; A complete range of wan optimisation, carrier grade bandwidth management and security appliances.

If you would like to join a webinar on the V3 platforms set for the end of the month please let us know by email. (dates to be confirmed)

Website Filtering - Software or Dedicated Appliance ?

Some interesting points (article: Jennifer Fiocco)

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