Bandwidth Management for SME's

The Opteq bandwidth iQ solution provides network administrators with the tools required to fully understand network traffic flows and manage them to achieve optimal results for  WAN applications at all times.

Opteq is easy to install (takes minutes) and will reveal the nature and concentration of all traffic through an easy to use web GUI interface. The solution is 100% transparent to the network.  

Opteq uses DPI / layer 7 scanning technology to look deep within the packet and identify the applications running. The traffic can then be prioritised, optimised or even blocked depending on your business policies.  

This appliance is a must have for any enterprise with one or more WAN links. Allowing the administrator to align WAN usage with business priorities. Opteq  optimises all TCP and UDP applications over the WAN, delivers a superior end-user experience, closing the user/application gap and putting the user in  "effective proximity" of the application and data centre services.

Visibility and Control of WAN bandwidth means,

•    Bandwidth is targeted, delivering network resources to business critical events and devices

•    Business operations are protected from random network events

•    Efficiency is increased by guaranteeing fast resource access

•    Maximising the efficient use of bandwidth, ensuring bandwidth is available for business critical tasks

•    Utilising WAN access in the most cost effective way

•    Excellent tool for network troubleshooting (Historic & real time data. What/who/When is using my bandwidth? why is this app slow?  Is the problem network or server related?)

•    Revenue and ROI are maximised

•    Uniquely Opteq’s host pacing technology removes all congestion from the network eliminating drops and retransmissions and allowing for a fast free flowing network

Unlike many competitors who require two units on either side of the link in order to function, Opteq  manages traffic optimally (through host pacing ) from a single central location allowing one to deploy units and selected technologies at remote sites only as and where required based on actual hard evidence gleamed from  reporting stats.

Opteq iQ is an appliance device designed to ensure efficient use of network resources and is applicable to every business network type.

Other Opteq solutions for enterprise networks include: load balancing, server acceleration, web caching, compression, firewall, Anti spam , antivirus smtp gateway, url content filter and site to site, site to mobile VPN technologies.