Citrix Optimisation

Optimisation of Citrix ICA with Opteq appliances.

The centralisation of applications and access using thin clients enhances manageability and security. However, while desktop virtualisation usually has little or no impact on the end-user experience when the thin client and server communicate over a LAN, it can come at the cost of reduced user experience when running over the wide area network (WAN), in particular in high-latency environments.

ICA has some optimisations that attempt to mitigate the effects of latency, such as compression and Speed Screen Latency Reduction (local echo of keystrokes and mouse click feedback). However, these optimisations alone are usually not sufficient to solve the problem.

This white paper looks at how Opteq seamlessly optimises any Citrix deployment.  It describes some of the additional benefits provided by Opteq appliances beyond the ICA native optimisations.

A single Opteq appliance in the core has a significant  impact on improving Citrix productivity. 

Of course one could role units out to the edge for further optimisation but one should make this decision on a branch by branch basis using statistics gleamed from the Opteq rather than blindly throwing Appliances into every edge.

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