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Layer 7 DPI inspection and WAN traffic management.

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We  offer to loan / install a device into your network  and give you a detailed report on your traffic flows, for you to keep.  (2 weeks) We are so confident that you will like what you see that we offer this free and you are under no obligation to purchase.

Your wide area network (WAN) provides connectivity between remote or small sites within your organisation. WANs are typically more expensive than local area networks (LANs), in terms of both increased bandwidth costs and the cost of ongoing support. WANs also often operate at slower speeds – all of which combine to ensure that optimising your organisation’s WAN solution can deliver real savings and efficiencies to your organisation.

Opteq WAN analysis and reporting services provide customers with detailed reports on what is traversing the WAN, peak utilisation times and throughput. Reports include recommendations on how, or if, the performance of the WAN can be improved and they also provide your IT department with the ability to accurately forecast additional or future bandwidth requirements. Opteq will provide you with an accurate picture of your WAN utilisation so that you can pro actively track, troubleshoot and manage network resources.

The application monitoring service can be rapidly deployed - get your audit done today!

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